Woven gauntlets

The Mecondor woven gauntlets are manufactured from high quality polyester yarn. An impregnation with a synthetic resin allows the plate to withstand the difficult and high oxidative conditions in the battery. During a thermal process the tubes obtain the desired shape and the stiffness and the gauntlet acquires its excellent physical properties.

Even if the cheaper non-woven gauntlet is gaining importance some typical applications still require a woven gauntlet. Woven gauntlets are recommended when the battery has to work under severe conditions, when a high number of cycles and a high compacting pressure is required.

Typical Applications
  • Stationary applications
  • Gel type batteries
  • Special applications like train lighting
  • Batteries for the navy (sub-marin)
  • Traction under extreme conditions

We use the following codification to identify the woven gauntlets: