Mechanical tests

  • Tensile and compression tests using a universal tensile testing machine; we measure:

    • Tensile strength of the polyester yarns
    • Tensile strength of the sewing yarns
    • Tensile strength and elasticity of the gauntlets, woven and non-woven
    • Rigidity of the gauntlets
    • Cycle test

  • Bursting strength and fatigue test

Chemical tests

  • Determination of the resin content by extraction in the Soxhlet apparatus before thermo formation
    Unfortunately it is not possible to extract the total quantity of acrylic resin of the finished gauntlet.
    Only the total weight of the gauntlets gives some information about the resin content.

  • Oxidation test: we measure the weight loss of the gauntlet after oxidation in a dichromate-sulfuric acid solution during 7 days at high temperature (70 °C).

Physical tests

  • Control of the length of the gauntlets
  • Control of the inner diameter or with cylindrical calipers with a conical caliper
  • Permeability (free surface) ist the total surface of the pores related to the total surface of the gauntlets
  • Electric resistance

  • Porosity

    • Light permeability: only for woven gauntlets


    • Air permeability: for both woven and non-woven gauntlets