PVC Separators

In 2018 Mecondor took over the activities and know-how from previous HW-Sintertechnik/Austria, reinstalling the machines in its own premises in St.Vith/Belgium.

Optimized PVC separator production restarted in the beginning of 2019, and Mecondor is now a qualified supplier to first-class battery manufacturers all over the world.

Having in place the production lines, we can now supply all types of previous HW-Sintertechnik separators.


Main characteristics of Mecondor Sintered PVC Separators:

Types: flat or ribbed (straight or diagonal) 
Length: as required
Width: up to 450mm
Thickness: up to 2.5mm
Backweb: up to 1mm


Special dimensions on request.

Typical Applications
  • NiCd batteries
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Other