About us

Mecondor S.A. is located in the German speaking, eastern part of Belgium.
Our geographic situation near the motorway has many advantages: only 2 hour’s drive to the port of Antwerp and not less than seven international airports within a radius of 180 km.

Our production halls and warehouse are in the small town of St. Vith which is located in the border triangle of Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.
The plant side total area is 15,000 m² with 4,600 m² covered surface.

45 workers assure the production around the clock. Our machines are all self-developed. Our software is customized in order to follow up production in real-time and to have a complete traceability.

Our production capacity is 250 million linear meter of single tube, which comes up to 29 million positive plates.
All raw material (woven and non-woven polyester fabric) is purchased by our mother company and then send to Belgium.

Until 2000 Mecondor produced only woven polyester gauntlets, but since then the part of non-woven gauntlets has steadily increased and is now with 70% the major product.
The better price and the good filtering ability make the non-woven gauntlet very popular even though the woven gauntlets have the better cycling capability (1500 cycles and more)
At the moment non-woven gauntlets are available in 3 different types: NW, NWS2 and NWS4. You can find more information on these in the product section.